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We are Universal Display

Universal Display is a leading manufacturer of mannequins, bust forms and display products. Founded in 1951, it has remained in the same family ownership since.  We are a truly global business with offices and showrooms in London and New York. Our UK factory, design/development department and warehousing/distribution centre is based in West London. We also have a joint venture modern factory facility, showrooms and offices in Zhangzhou, China as well a buying office in Taipei, Taiwan. We have been manufacturing in the Far East for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience in the field. The London based design and development department handles all development of our own ranges and all custom work for our clients. Using in-house sculptors, mould makers and technicians, we produce all our own master mannequins and moulds which can be used for UK production or more often for production in China. All of our mannequin development is handled in London, and we can boast that we are one of the only mannequin manufacturers in the world that offers a full custom service to our clients using our own in-house team. Our expert in-house development team allows us to offer custom service that has a quick turnaround and allows for constant control over the development process. Thus, the end result is a cohesive look across a range of mannequins, and ultimately a superior quality product.

The China production facility is our main point of manufacture, and is able to produce up to 3,000 mannequins per month. It is an extension of the work that we do in the UK and is an integral part of our success. Thus, we also have skilled in-house sculptors and mould makers who are able to emulate any products such as decorative pieces, or to replicate the items moulded in the UK for production in China. We have extremely high standards of quality, and have controls in place to ensure the maintenance of these standards. Our track record with major retailers around the world and with other display companies for whom we produce is testament to the dedicated and highly skilled workforce we have in both the UK USA and in China.

We love to create.

How we do it

We are a truly scalable business, allowing a reduced overhead and the ability to pass these savings on to our clients. We have a core of professionals who are the best at what they do and provide us with the expertise necessary in all fields to produce and deliver a quality item. When demand requires, we pull in subcontractors and freelancers who have worked with us for many years to work in our own premises and under our direct supervision. They fit directly into our team to create an extension of our services, thereby increasing our productivity while maintaining our high standard of quality. We have built long-standing relationships with shippers, both domestic and international. This extended network – we have hubs in several key cities throughout the world – allows for a greater ease of distribution while simultaneously ensuring that our finished product arrives in both a timely manner and in good condition.  We have experience. We have for many years been a ‘roll-out’ company which knows how to deal with volume. We have a huge workforce in China and a huge amount of space which enables us to assemble and allocate goods at source, thus reducing the amount of time required in the UK for onward distribution. However, we also have a tremendous team in the UK that has been trained to handle volume and that has extensive experience in same-day movement of large volumes of goods for roll out situations. These are a regular occurrence for some of our clients, such as Monsoon, Dorothy Perkins, Jane Norman, Matalan and Cortefiel.  We have our own manufacturing plant in China. This not only allows us cost effective production, but also control. Not only can we be sure that the product is manufactured to the correct specifications, as per our original masters, but to the highest quality. Further, we have the ability to move production around to meet the demands of our clients and ‘perform miracles’ when necessary.

Why us

With the infrastructure we have in place and the many years experience we have in design, production and roll-out of goods to major retailers, we have everything in place to implement your requirements in a trouble free and efficient manner at a price that is below market value, thus giving you value and a superior product.

How we work

We are a tight and well organised team. Each staff member has a specific role and in this way responsibility and accountability is departmentalised. Our clients have access to all senior management and a list of phone numbers, extensions and mobile phone numbers will be supplied in order for you to always be able to contact the relevant contact.

As previously advised, we are scalable and dependant on the job that we are doing, we often bring in additional subcontractors / freelancers in order to deal with specific tasks.

Services offered

The following services relate to mannequins, forms and all other display related items

  • Conceptual design
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacture
  • Distribution
  • After sales service
  • Mannequin hire


We are in a unique position to fulfill all your requirements with expedience, efficiency and economically. All the design requirements you have and may require going forward are easily achieved and we can do this in house, using a team of experts that have been through this process countless numbers of times before. We have a manufacturing facility which is second to none in China and this allows cost reductions, speed of manufacture but still producing the quality of product required. Our distribution network is strong and efficient and our support team is well versed in these situations.

We pride ourselves on being able to achieve this in everything that we do and are very serious and proud of our reputation and growing business.